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Aug 2 2013

B&C Morning Show: Kenny Chesney’s Concern, Michelle Beadle’s Disgust « CBS New York

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Kenny Chesny (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) From Boomer & Carton Filed under Boomer & Carton, Sports, WFAN Blogs
Bobby Dwyer, Boomer & Carton
var addthisproduct = 'wpp-261'; var addthisconfig = {"datatrackclickback":true};if (typeof(addthisshare) == "undefined"){ addthisshare = {"urltransforms":{"shorten":{"twitter":"bitly"}},"shorteners":{"bitly":{"login":"cbslocal","apiKey":"Rd89174d123fff6af579684f714bb0d74"}}};}Kenny Chesney is concerned that his fan base will be judged based on Riley Cooper’s racial slur. Al Dukes is a fan of the country music singer and assured everyone that Cooper is not an accurate representative. adsonarplacementId=1557568 ;adsonarpid=2728767 ;adsonarps=-1;adsonarzw=260;adsonarzh=410;adsonarjv=""; Chesney will actually be performing at the Barclay’s Center later this month, so Craig suggested that Al and Michelle Beadle — both fans — attend the concert together, which they both seemed a little uncomfortable with, but sort-of reluctantly agreed to. Michelle did make one thing abundantly clear though (she did so by almost vomiting in her mouth) with regards to having any sort of physical contact with Al — it ain’t gonna happen… play pause Kenny Chesney's Concern, Michelle Beadle's Disgust Boomer & Carton Right Click Here To Download / Play On Smartphone // if (typeof dcsrc == 'undefined') { var dcsrc = new Array(); } dcsrc['21'] += (false || typeof cbspartnerdc == 'undefined') ? 'sports;tag=post;tag=bandcmorningshowkennychesney8217sconcernmichellebeadle8217sdisgust;tag=boomerandcarton;tag=wfanblogs;tag=bobbydwyer;tag=newyork;' : cbspartnerdc; dcsrc['21'] += 'loc=;tile=21;pos=21;sz=440x50;'; ord = window.ord || Math.floor(Math.random()*1E16); document.write('');

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